Myriad Mirage features unique, handcrafted jewelry, art, and more that is inspired by nature.  Each creation incorporates unique metals, plants, insects, rocks & minerals, or other organic materials. Myriad Mirage’s purpose is to share with and teach others the beauty within nature and to captivate the world’s natural artistry for all to appreciate. 

About the Artist ~ Ginamarie Engels:

 I have always been captivated by details and creativity. As a child, I loved to make art and write poetry for my family & friends. Being able to forge something unique and beautiful to share with others was always something that gave me purpose and deep satisfaction. However, my journey towards creating Myriad Mirage really took flight when the periodical Cicadas emerged in 2013. Magicicada wings were dispersed all over my town, and I felt compelled to harvest every wing––day by day, hours upon hours––that spring and summer. The Cicadas sparked something very special inside of me, giving me something tangible and unique to harvest my creative energy.  

Today, I am a creator & artist working passionately from my home/studio in Nyack, N.Y., where I devote much of my time and energy  creating the work that I cherish. As often as I can, I venture outside to new and unique places where I gather nature’s details to teach and share with the world. Since I cannot be in a forest, by a lake, or with butterflies & animals all the time, my creations allow me to capture what I appreciate. Every day, I am inspired by other artists, and people who support me & my craft, life, and of course, nature.