Custom Work

Ever find a pretty leaf on the ground and want to save it? Got a dozen roses from that special someone? Have an ultimate favorite flower!? Want to save memories from your special wedding day? Has a loved one gone to the other side? Got a photograph you want to make into jewelry like a picture of your cat, a nature scene, your dog, children or family member? Myriad Mirage will take plants or photos and preserve them into jewelry for keepsake!

*Funeral flowers can be collected fresh and I will press & dry them. To cherish those whom have passed on. Also if the loved one had a favorite plant, you can request it & I can try to retrieve it & make a custom piece for you in their honor and memory. 
*Send a jpg. photograph to me & I can make it into a piece of jewelry. 
*Want to remember your wedding day & wear the flowers you chose for it? Or save your best friends or cousins wedding flowers and surprise her with jewelry made with em?!
*Pick up that Autumn leaf and send it my way, to make a custom leaf necklace just for you!
*Did your partner surprise you with a beautiful bouquet that you cherish so much? Pass a flower or two along to me and I can make it into a wearable & memorable creation!

Please check back or feel free to e-mail me at with any questions you may have. Thank you!

Photograph Jewelry

 What you have to do: 

   * Choose a clear image that you would like to have in a custom jewelry piece!

             * E-mail the .jpg image to  & we can discuss further what type of jewelry you'd like (ie: necklace, bracelet), shape (ie: circle, square), pricing & more!