Myriad Mirage features unique, handcrafted jewelry, art, and more that is inspired by nature.  Each creation incorporates unique metals, plants, insect wings (ethically sourced), rocks & minerals, or other organic materials. Myriad Mirage’s purpose is to share with and teach others the beauty within nature and to captivate the world’s natural artistry for all to appreciate.



There is a step by step process in almost every single Myriad Mirage creation. For example, my sage leaf jewelry usually starts with purchasing the Sage (or having it growing indoors) then using special paper & the old book plant pressing method. I pick each single sage leaf by hand & arrange it onto the paper & press & dry for about a few days to 1 week. Next I seal each leaf individually in non-toxic resins. Then I set every Sage leaf into silver solder which consists of Silver, Eco-friendly Tin, & Copper (Lead & Nickel Free). I also sometimes work with glass but I really admire the resin & silver solder method I worked hard to create/discover because each piece is more delicate & lighter weight & preserved beautifully!