Support Other Small Business's & Artists 

Some Artists & Business's I admire & want to share with you! Give them a peak.

~Marielle Descarfino Owner of Lipstick & Magic Tricks - Makeup Studio & Gift Shop - 112A Paris Ave Northvale, NJ

~Katy Ells from Ewing, NJ Owner of Pretty Patina Photography

~Katherine Slicslen Owner of Stone Cooper

~Jacquie Jacques Owner of Earthly

~Brie Owner of Down to Nature Jewelry

~Jan Campbell Owner of Avocado Stone Faces

~Taneisa Owner of The Opaque

~Cheryl Lee Owner of Elemental Urchin

~Suzy Madden Owner of Magick Alchemy

~Pam Klein Owner of Tie Dye Earth

~Karyn Driscoll Owner of Twisted Creativity

~Darian & Norvin Van Dunk Tron & DVD